Decayeux Luxe


Our strategy is based on our desire to sustain and develop employment in France, and in particular in its historical employment area of Vimeu, based on fundamental principles:

  1. Customer Satisfaction and Recognition that they make us live,
  2. Respect for people, property and the environment in which the company operates,
  3. the Spirit of initiative to meet the technical challenges of today and tomorrow,
  4. Rigor in day-to-day operation.

We are constantly looking for talents passionate about general mechanics.

Our criteria are essentially oriented towards predominantly mechanical profiles.

Are you looking for a job, an internship or a work-study contract?
Send your CV and cover letter in .doc, .pdf format.

Your application file will be kept for a period of 12 months, it will be up to you to renew it beyond this period if you still wish to appear in our CV library.

We offer you an integration course that will introduce you to our different sites and sectors of our activities. You will be able to train and grow within a company that values technical expertise, teamwork, autonomy and respect.

Déposez votre CV
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  4. Votre dossier de candidature sera conservé pendant une durée de 12 mois, il vous appartiendra de le renouveler au-delà de cette période si vous souhaitez encore apparaître dans notre CVthèque.