A family business

Founded in 1911 by the great-great-uncle of the current CEO Stéphane Decayeux, this Picardy company is essential in subcontracting (STI for industrial subcontracting) in metal processing. Today, she goes further by launching her brand of luxury products.

It was in 1985, after studying engineering in Lille, that the current CEO Stéphane Decayeux joined the company.

He is then in charge of the computerization of the company. “a great way to get to know all aspects of it”.

In 1993, he took over from his father at the head of the company, which had become a holding company three years earlier.

The whole is impressive with nine production sites, six in France (half of which in Picardy) as well as in Morocco and Romania. “Each site specializes in an activity”, specifies Stéphane Decayeux.

3000 tons of raw materials

10 million parts delivered to customers

Each year, 3,000 tons of raw materials are processed there, with 10 million parts delivered to customers. The company has 300 jobs in France and has a turnover of 50 million euros.

“We have been progressing since 2008, but in the meantime we have turned the page on the automotive sector, a sector in which we previously worked”. confides the CEO of Decayeux STI.

A new challenge

A new ambition

The company has recently taken up a new challenge, the launch of its own brand of luxury products for golfers: Decayeux Golf. “We wanted to offer luxury products, which we know how to do, and get out of the constraint by our customers by being autonomous”.

After a long period of reflection and study of 18 months, the project is set up. “We launched the site in the summer of 2013 and are in discussion to have a prestigious ambassador”. A graduate of a business school, Stéphane Decayeux’s son, Benjamin, was awarded the project.

Stéphane Decayeux has been a member of the Entreprendre en Picardie network since 2014, where he shares his long experience as a business leader
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Since 1911


Opening of the 1st Decayeux STI site


Start of the Luxury business with the design and manufacture of components for travel trunks (accessories and clasps).


Manufacture of buckles (Frames, ½ round die, buckles, etc.).


Design and industrialization of functional parts (lock type)


Creation of a dedicated LUXURY unit.


Creation of a prototyping cell.


Creation of DECAYEUX MACHINING, surface treatment unit in Romania (polishing and galvanizing).


Creation of a luxury division through the integration of a new DECAYEUX LUXE structure and acquisition of a majority stake in TECHLAM.


DECAYEUX STI has been enriched with a commercial legal entity of the Luxury Business Unit of the DECAYEUX group. This structure reflects the strong ambition to see our business develop in the buoyant luxury sector.


Creation of a new structure: DECAYEUX Golf. A new universe, with a prestigious line of original and refined creations, the objects of your passion, in the image of your career, your victories and your values


Creation of the DECAYEUX STI PDM site located in Bourg-lès-Valence specializing in metal surface treatment


Launch of the construction of a new building dedicated to the Luxury business


Installation in the new building of the Luxury activity and reorganization in the old building with prototyping, the Costume Jewelery activity and the DECAYEUX PARIS activity