DECAYEUX STI, a family industrial company

Founded in 1911 by the great-great-uncle of the current CEO Stéphane Decayeux, this Picardy company is essential in subcontracting (STI for industrial subcontracting) in metal processing. Today, she goes further by launching her brand of luxury products.

It was in 1985, after studying engineering in Lille, that the current CEO Stéphane Decayeux joined the company. He is then in charge of the computerization of the company. “a great way to get to know all aspects of it”. In 1993, he took over from his father at the head of the company, which had become a holding company three years earlier. The whole is impressive with nine production sites, six in France (half of which in Picardy) as well as in Morocco and Romania. “Each site specializes in an activity”, specifies Stéphane Decayeux.